Sandra Smith


Sandra Smith, was born in New York City, in the village of Harlem. She sang in the children’s choir at her church as a young girl. She was surrounded by the music of Jazz, Gospel, Latin, Rock and Roll, the Blues, Caribbean and classical music.

Sandra attended Harlem School of the Arts, Jazzmobile, City College of Music, Singers Forum and other schools of music. She studies under Marjorie Elliot, of Parlor Entertainment, Nat Jones, Frank Owens, Amy London and Nancy Morano.

She can sing in three octaves.

Sandra has performed in various venues, including:

  • Barry Harris Chorus
  • Parlor Entertainment
  • International Women in Jazz
  • Jazzmobile
  • Cable TV-Lenny Matthew’s Show
  • Central Park Conservatory
  • The Ziegfeld Society
  • The Triad and Creole